Today on the forum I found a really interesting compilation of music put together by E-U forum members. The compilation is built around Elektron instruments (Monomachine, Octatrack, and my beloved Machinedrum) and is available for a $5 download. There is also a free version with just a few songs. The download is pretty spectacular. It includes 15 tracks, a PDF file of photography and artwork and credits, and a larger PDF file with a veritable “making-of” and information about the project, as well as information for anyone interested in putting a compilation similar to this together.

The project is described like so:

Machine is a unique compilation album and collaborative effort, produced in its entirety by the community, made primarily with instruments created by the Swedish boutique synthesiser company Elektron. The forum is a playground for experienced and inexperienced electronic musicians activated by a base of friendly, helpful and creative people from all over the world.

So go here now and cough up your five bucks. It’s good stuff.

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