Dance Robot, Dance

I got some Dance Robot Dance stickers made. They’re 2.13 x 2.75 inches, red and black on vinyl. Perfect for you laptop, synth case, notebook, window, friend, whatever. If you want a couple, leave a comment below with a mailing address. If you have some to trade, send ’em along to me, Brian Biggs. The address is PO Box 25922, Philadelphia PA 19128.

Dance Robot, Dance

Dance Robot, Dance

5 thoughts on “stickers”

  1. Found your site via muffwiggler! It’s a really nice site – definitely the kick in the butt I need to complete one of my 2015 goals, building a website for my musical noodlings, blog, etc. PM me at the above name on Muff Wiggler if you still have some of those stickers.

    1. Shows you how out of touch I’ve been — it’s been two months since you commented and I just saw this. Sorry for the delay. I’ll get in touch.

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