Dance Robot, Dance

I got some Dance Robot Dance stickers made. They’re 2.13 x 2.75 inches, red and black on vinyl. Perfect for you laptop, synth case, notebook, window, friend, whatever. If you want a couple, leave a comment below with a mailing address. If you have some to trade, send ’em along to me, Brian Biggs. The address is PO Box 25922, Philadelphia PA 19128.

Dance Robot, Dance

Dance Robot, Dance


  • Waz

    I’ll take a few! I know some good places to put them, Car, laptop and MW case. Though I don’t want to put my mail address here. I’ll PM you.

  • Robot

    Cool Waz. Good point about the address. I’ll check Muffs and send some out.

  • cold_fashioned

    Found your site via muffwiggler! It’s a really nice site – definitely the kick in the butt I need to complete one of my 2015 goals, building a website for my musical noodlings, blog, etc. PM me at the above name on Muff Wiggler if you still have some of those stickers.

  • Robot

    Shows you how out of touch I’ve been — it’s been two months since you commented and I just saw this. Sorry for the delay. I’ll get in touch.

  • SunFalls


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