morphing terrarium

It’s the perfect name for such an amazing VCO. The Synthesis Technology e350 Morphing Terrarium. It’s a wavetable VCO with three banks of 64 waves, arranged on a grid, controlled with an X, Y and Z knobs and CV. Since I sold the Hertz Donut I’d been missing the digital factor in my modular. I planned on obtaining the Flame Talking Synth, but when I realized what it cost I kind of thought that while it’s a neat pony, it’s just got one trick, and for almost the same moneys I can get this one used, which is a lot of tricks pony.
These tracks were recorded on the first days I had it, before I sat an expander next to it, designed by zeitdehnermod and negativespace from the MuffWiggler forum, which accesses a pair of jumpers on the PCB of the e350. The VCO is a very nice, very smooth operator in its default form. With access to the jumpers it can get angry. Which is good.

Each of these tracks are the e350 as sole sound source, unfiltered, sequenced with the Z8000, and followed with some combination of EHX delay pedals. For more info check out the soundcloud links on the tracks.