I’ve been away. I mean this in several senses of the word “away.” I’ve been traveling a lot in April. I’ve been away from making music for longer than that, even, as the day job has kind of taken precedence. And I’ve been away in that I stepped back from my gear as I think about how to reroute my studio. What I mean by this is alluded to in the previous post, but it’s more than that. When I get time to make music, I’ve more than likely been choosing to turn on the amp and play guitar. And also more than likely, I’ve not been bothering to record any of it. Partly because I’m a nice guy and I still pretty much suck at playing guitar, but also because going through and editing recordings and clips is super-boring. When I have the time to sit with the laptop and edit recordings, I’ve been instead choosing to read back issues of Tape-Op or, lately, about boats and ships (re: day job). So it’s just been the perfect storm of letting DRD sit stagnant.
An illustration of all of this creative schizophrenia could be these two videos. Used to be, my life playlist consisted only of music sort of like the first video, by Squarepusher.

But lately I’ve had music more like the second video on much more often. In fact, I’ve pretty much been listening to Califone exclusively for weeks.

So the studio repainting takes place this weekend and the rehookup next week. I hope this process facilitates the return to actually making sounds, recording them, and making them available here. Stay tuned.