it's cold. very cold.

A couple of guitar tracks that I made while suffering from winter-hate, lately. One is recent, the other two come from late 2013. Two of them made with guitar and effects pedals — namely a looper. The other one made recording a ukulele on my iPhone and adding an overdubbed e-bowed guitar.

I’ve got ideas right now, and lots of intentions, when it comes to music these days. Recording a lot more is one of the intentions. Day job is nutty currently, so I try to satisfy the part of me that wants to make music with these periodic little sessions. Recording on the iPhone one morning after I return from walking the dog, for example.

2 thoughts on “it's cold. very cold.”

    1. Aw thanks Judy. Yeah this is the kind of stuff I was telling you about at the library last month. I don’t have real guitar chops, but I love constructing these things.

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