about Dance Robot Dance

Dance Robot, Dance is the home of my music thing. See my other life at MrBiggs.com.

Dance Robot, Dance is also the moniker under which I make music. The name came along a while back when everything I did was sequenced, beeped and booped, and made on the computer. Since those olden days of 2007, I’ve gone some other way. I like things now that have less of a “beat” and are usually formed in some fashion that utilizes the computer far far less that I previously did.

Tools consist of small modular synth system, a Teenage Engineering OP-1, an old Tascam four-track tape deck, a Fender Jazzmaster guitar, a low-end Martin acoustic, a few ukuleles, a floor covered in guitar pedals, several looping devices, a saxophone, a couple of accordions, and a Zoom H4N recorder which is used to capture pretty much anything and use it in some way.

music room tools

the Jazzmaster, in black

stompbox party

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