showing off (tonight!)

This might be rather short notice, but tonight I’ll be showing the modular synth at a gathering of synth nerds in Philadelphia. Synth SIG is a meeting of peoples whom like synthesizers, whether they be analog, digital, or virtual. It was seeing Charles Cohen perform with his Buchla Music Easel at a Synth SIG in […]


Everyone here knows how much I like my Machinedrum, right? It’s a terrific drum machine made by Elektron. Well they recently introduced a new machine to their line up. It’s a sampler called Octatrack. Sampling isn’t my main interest in music; my Machinedrum does a little on its own, and what it can’t handle I […]


I got some Dance Robot Dance stickers made. They’re 2.13 x 2.75 inches, red and black on vinyl. Perfect for you laptop, synth case, notebook, window, friend, whatever. If you want a couple, leave a comment below with a mailing address. If you have some to trade, send ’em along to me, Brian Biggs. The […]


On the modular synth forum thread dealing with creative hangups and too many choices someone posted needing help with bridging the gap between noodling around with noise, and creating a finished track. A lot of electronic musicians get stuck on the idea of making “songs.” Some of us are perfectly happy merely creating loops […]