I was giving a small demonstration of my modular and Volta last night, so I had to wrap the brain around some stuff that I’d not otherwise understood. Here are some recordings from that 90 minutes. All of the tracks use Volta to run a sequence into the modular. There are some arpeggios in there […]

model 10 tweaks

I keep the “record” button close by when I’m working with the modular. I don’t really know yet exactly what I’m doing and I never know when something surprising and great will get spit out. These two files are cases in point. They’re both caused, for lack of a better word, by the Plan B […]

songs for the building of puzzles

When I make these little animated movies, I typically believe that I’ll able to simply dig into my huge folder of songs-in-the-works and various four-bar clips I’ve recorded and find something that will fit. And often that’s the case. However sometimes it’s not and i have to start something from scratch. On Friday I recorded […]

tattoo you

I’m a fan of the effect plug-ins that Audio Damage puts out. I own several of them and they are among the few that I have that are both utility plugs as well as just fun to work with. I also really like drum machines. So this morning started out just right. Last night they […]