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A couple of weeks ago I had to send my Machinedrum to get fixed. A button that was finicky when I bought it became dysfunctional. Elektron said they could send me a new button for $5 and I could do the work myself, which I thought was a little weird. So I sent it to their service facility in Georgia, where it was operated on and sent back to me quote promptly.
In celebration of the return of the Machinedrum, I spent half an hour yesterday on it. These two tunes are all Machinedrum, all recorded in one take, and edited down for length a bit.

tattoo you

I’m a fan of the effect plug-ins that Audio Damage puts out. I own several of them and they are among the few that I have that are both utility plugs as well as just fun to work with. I also really like drum machines. So this morning started out just right.
Last night they posted their anxiously-awaited drum machine called Tattoo. So I spent this morning making beats over coffee. I’ll add some more and probably have more to say about Tattoo later. Here’s the first thing. It’s five separate patterns recorded into Ableton Live, with some delay, EQ, and compression tacked on in pieces.