Everyone here knows how much I like my Machinedrum, right? It’s a terrific drum machine made by Elektron. Well they recently introduced a new machine to their line up. It’s a sampler called Octatrack. Sampling isn’t my main interest in music; my Machinedrum does a little on its own, and what it can’t handle I […]


Today on the Elektron-Users.com forum I found a really interesting compilation of music put together by E-U forum members. The compilation is built around Elektron instruments (Monomachine, Octatrack, and my beloved Machinedrum) and is available for a $5 download. There is also a free version with just a few songs. The download is pretty spectacular. […]

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A couple of weeks ago I had to send my Machinedrum to get fixed. A button that was finicky when I bought it became dysfunctional. Elektron said they could send me a new button for $5 and I could do the work myself, which I thought was a little weird. So I sent it to […]