ringmod with µmod

I recently got a pile of new modules, replacing a bunch of old modules. Most of these are by Intellijel, a new manufacturer/designer from up in Vancouver (but whose website is way out of date). Intellijel announced a bunch of new designs in late December, and they’ve come to fruition recently. I got a new quantizer called the µScale replacing my A156, a panning/crossfading VCA called the Azimuth to replace the A134 (and maybe the A132-3, as this thing is really great). I also got a module called the µMod which replaced the A133 dual polarizer. I bought the A133 last year for its use in screwing with CV, but I found that I usually ended up using it with audio, as a ring mod. When Intellijel announced the µMod, the description seemed to cover the same territory as one half of the A133, plus a bunch of other features in the form of two rectifying switches and a “Q” knob. Since I never used more than one half of the A133 at a time, I sold that sucker and screwed in the µMod.
Below are three tracks recorded the first night I had this thing. They’re all using very short poppy envelopes made with Maths, and using the Azimuth as a VCA (which is fantastically quick).

The first one here is not exactly “musical,” as it sounds like tapping on a small block of wood. But one thing I love about a ring mod is the percussion.

This track makes use of my Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai pedal, with some semi-random triggers clocking its delay.

In addition to the above additions to the system, I’ve also replaced the Hertz Donut with a Malekko/Wiard Anti-Oscillator, and added a STG Wave Folder (which has not yet been installed). I’ll get some sounds from these dudes up soon. Oh, and have I mentioned that I’m obsessing over my new guitar?

pretending a modular

I’m finding that I am really interested in modular synths, especially the idea of driving them with step-sequencers. Sometimes using a traditional piano keyboard and editing midi is no fun. When I troll the user library on the Reaktor site, I download all the oddball sequencers I can find. Inspired by this terrific video of The Subliminal Kid, I thought I’d just set up something in Reaktor and record the output.
This is the Monoliner sequencer running a patch in Carbon. The drums are a simple set-up in SineBeats. I mixed them together with a little mixer and recorded it in RecorderBox. It was more than five minutes long so I edited a bit in Ableton and added a little BeatRepeat in the middle part.

I have books on deadline, but I’d spend an entire week doing this if I could.