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I’m getting a drum machine tomorrow. I feel like it’s Christmas Eve. This isn’t my first time down this drum machine path. Back in 2010-11 I had an Elektron Machinedrum, and it brought me great joy. I didn’t really know much about what I was doing, and I didn’t use it for much. I ended up selling it to fund my first electric guitar.

machinedrum and modular synth

The new one is a cousin of the Machinedrum: the Elektron Digitakt. While the Machinedrum was mostly a drum synth that had sampling kind of shoe-horned into it, the Digitakt is all sampling, all the time. The Digitakt isn’t new, and a quick search will allow one to watch hundreds and hundreds of hours of Digitakt videos. Which I have done, over the last three weeks, since I first realized how much I needed one. (Of course, I don’t need one.)

Drum machine rhythms have been in my head for the last several months, mostly alongside kind of slower ambient loops of electric piano and synths. The sounds of the old Roland CR-78 are what I normally hear, which began when I stumbled upon a couple of videos of Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke playing alongside a CR-78.

I suspect I’ll be posting a lot of drum machine/Digitakt content soon. Here’s a track I put together last night and this morning. A few electric piano loops from an El Capistan, and yes, a CR-78 (samples, using Ableton’s drum rack).

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