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Got the Digitakt. Was completely overwhelmed for about four hours with all the menu diving and odd key combinations and ridiculous Elektron presets. Updated the firmware, read the manual, then erased everything. Started a new project, went about loading in a set of CR-78 samples and a few vocal oddities I’d taken from some old records over the years. Things got fun.

Yesterday afternoon, I loaded in a sampled organ from a strange old cardboard record I found in my father-law’s basement called Bernadette and the Beautiful Lady.

This record tells the story of Bernadette Soubirous of Lourde, who was visited by a vision of the Virgin Mary. The story is fantastic, the recording is goofy, but there’s a little organ number at the very end that is just lovely and made a nice looped drone on the Digitakt. I recorded a few runs with this, some with and some without using the Digitakt’s sequencer. I’m not sure which one made it here into the finished piece. I think it might be with the sequencer but with the start point randomized somewhat with an LFO. The sample is on two tracks, one panned hard left and the other right, differed lengths, and different start points. I believe one is reversed as well. This is fun stuff, and will make the Digitakt useful as much more than just a drum machine for me.

Here is the track, as well as pieces of the two samples.

The Beautiful Lady, organ at the end.
Digitakt rhythm all alone.

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