Let’s begin. Again.

I used to have a blog. It was called Dance Robot Dance. The idea was that I had a “music project” of the same name, and the blog was where I wrote about the things I made. I’d post tracks, ideas, pictures of gear, questions about sequencers, and the occasional interesting video or audio of others. Various forces combined to make this less interesting and more difficult, to the point where a few years ago, I just kinda stopped. The WordPress site became difficult to manage. Family life and $work$ got more complicated. I went long stretches without playing or recording music. And, seemingly innocuous but actually very important, web browsers deprecated RSS feeds around the same time social media took over the world.

Before, Dance Robot Dance would often get 100 unique views per day, and at times a dozen or more comments. Then, within a month or two of the RSS issue, that all stopped. I know I, for one, quit reading blogs, and I suspect many many others did too. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram satiated our needs. Why bother going here and going there, when the Great Algorithm just showed us what to read, what to listen to, and we could easily follow those leads?

Over a short amount of time, I found that I’d neglected to visit sites like Create Digital Music and Analog Industries for weeks and months at a time. In some ways, this was a good thing. I was getting more work done at the office, that’s for sure. And I found myself in bed reading books again, rather than Synthtopia.

Also, around the same, time I began riding bikes. A lot. So when I had a few hours to kill, I was retreating to the music room less and less, and heading out to. the trails more and more. I don’t care much about reading about bikes. I’d rather work on them and ride them. So that became the Hobby of Choice and making music took a long backseat.

The icing was on the cake when, in 2017, my son found some viruses in Dance Robot Dance’s WordPress installation, as well as my work website. We decided it was time to leave our web host, Laughing Squid, and he put together a server for our websites. Somehow in the migration, I lost the core of Dance Robot Dance. The entire SQL database is gone, with everything I wrote. The templates and WP files are on a hard drive, but the content is vanished. So, very frustrated, I just gave up. I pointed the DanceRobotDance URL to my Soundcloud page and moved on.

Recently, however, things have been clicking again. My kids are older and more independent. Work is steady and not overwhelming like it was in 2012-2017. I’ve been assembling a few guitars, weeding out the pedals, enjoying noise-making with the modular synth, playing around with my non-modular synths. And, importantly, I procured a new MIDI controller which I think is working out surprisingly well (my experience with MIDI controllers will be the subject of a rant at some point, I promise), and has made making sounds and recording them somewhat easier and less stupid. In the last several weeks I have found myself recording more, thinking more, making notes (the written kind) about making notes (the musical kind), and posting a few things, very few so far, onto Soundcloud. And, probably as a result of this movement in the creative nodes, I’ve noticed I want to start writing about this stuff again.

Last week, I asked my son to see if he could set up Dance Robot Dance with a new WordPress installation. How hard would that be? I figured quite. Alas, in five minutes, he had it done. So, there it is. No excuses. No delays (well, lots of delays, but of a different sort). And, unless that SQL stuff shows up one day, no history and a fresh new start to this. Whatever this is.

I don’t know exactly what this will be. As before, I plan to post sounds, and ideas, and pictures, and videos of blinky-lights. I hope you listen and read. I hope you participate in some way, too. Comments seem to be the default, here or on Soundcloud. I’d like to narrow my wide-open possibilities and start putting tracks together that have some cohesion, some coherence, and even “release” some new music on Bandcamp. Maybe get over my stage anxieties and play live somewhere. Maybe collaborate. Got any ideas?

I’ll leave you with these two things I just put on Soundcloud. They’re a couple of tracks I found an hour ago while clearing out part of a hard drive. Recorded in April, the sounds of the Hertz Donut mk3 VCO module, into what I believe sounds like the Strymon Volante delay.

Back soon.