Digitakt meanders

I spent today working on (playing with? trying to learn?) the Digitakt. Made progress, enjoyed the experience, wrote down notes. Recorded some tracks.

The first one here, Organ, Rhythm, 65, picks up where the last post left off. That organ sample was still sitting there so I ran with it. Slowed the whole thing down to 65bpm. I really like the slow deliberate rhythm at that speed. Put the organ from that religious cardboard record on two tracks, one panned left, the other right. Randomized the loop start points, and pressed record.

The second track, Digitakt Voxrhythm, was the last thing I recorded today, just finally playing around with sampling directly to the machine. Two iterations of my voice, and some leftover stuff from the CR-78. This is fun.

The third track, Sequence, Delay, Warped, is me learning to use the MIDI tracks on the Digitakt sequencer. The sounds are from my modular synth. The Digitakt is sending notes and CV to the modular via the Expert Sleepers FH-2 (which is an amazing, couples device). The delay is the Mutable Instruments Warps, modulated with the Digitakt MIDI. I have a lot more of this stuff that I plan to edit sometimes in the next few days.